Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pig Out

I’m gonna pig out!
I’m gonna pig out!
It’s Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to pig out!

On this food I’m going to glut
Soon I’ll have a bulging gut
I’ll open my belt to make more room
So more food I can consume
This cranberry sauce is not too sour
A large bowl I will devour

I’m gonna pig out!
I’m gonna pig out!
I’m gonna pig out!

Too much food I just did eat
Now my belly is replete
I have had more than enough
And my stomach’s overstuffed
I wish I had shown restraint
I’m afraid I’m going to faint

I wish I hadn’t pigged out!

by Tom Meltzer ©The Princeton Review

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Utopian

He's dreaming of a better world

For a perfect society he is hopin'
His dreams are truly utopian
Some would say that he is idiotic
That his dreams are impossible
And he is quixotic

He'll concede that he is not realistic
That his dreams are perhaps idealistic
But even if they're unattainable in this place or era
That doesn't mean the dream he dreams
Is merely a chimera

He points out that your dream cannot come true
Unless you have a dream to pursue
And that the world might be a better place
If everyone else had his own dream too

by Tom Meltzer ©The Princeton Review