Monday, October 1, 2007


I want you to go to rehab, yeah, yeah, yeah

Lately your mood has been so erratic
One day you're depressed, the next you're ecstatic
Your appearance is slovenly and you're fusty
You smell like a landfill and your skin is crusty
In short, as a result of your addiction
Your life is in a state of dereliction
Which means that it's bad and it continues to worsen
You've become a most duplicitous person
Which means you tell lies without the slightest hesitation
To get what you want you'll tell any fabrication
And when your friends try to tell you that you've lost your way
You just talk about Ray Charles and Donnie Hathaway, no!

by Tom Meltzer ©The Princeton Review
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Mariska said...

This one is my favorite. But I really like all of them.

Thanks from Hungary for helping us learn new vocab!!