Monday, December 3, 2007

Festival of Lights

Way back in the olden days
Back in antiquity
An evil befell the Hebrew temple
A great iniquity

The conquerors of Judea
Defiled its holy site
They made the place unholy
Doing things that aren't right

Then a group of freedom fighters
Repelled those cruel invaders
Their name, it was the Maccabees
The Jewish liberators

The condition of the Temple
Was a low down dirty shame
And worst of all, there was a dearth of oil
To fuel the Eternal Flame

There was only oil for one day
When eight days were required
If that oil couldn't last eight days
The flame, it would expire

Miraculously, the oil burned
For eight days and eight nights
And that's why Hanukkah is called
The Festival of Lights!

by Tom Meltzer ©The Princeton Review
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