Thursday, November 11, 2010

Extremely Mean Woman Blues

My girl is foul-tempered
She’ll yell and she’ll grunt
That mean, mean woman
Is a termagant
Oh yeah, she’s a termagant

Yeah she’ll boss me around
Tells me just what to do
Even Shakespeare could not have tamed
That mean old shrew
Oh yeah, she’s a shrew

She bossed me around in Dallas
Bossed me 'round in Chicago
Bossed me up in New York
That girl’s a virago
Oh yeah, a bossy virago

And she nags and she nags
Criticizes me sharply
Like an ancient Greek monster
That girl’s a harpy
Oh yeah, she’s a harpy

No, she’s not good looking
She’s just skin and bone
And she’s old as the hills
That girl’s a crone
Mmm, an ugly old crone

You might be wondering
Why I just don’t leave her
Well the truth of the matter is
I’m no prize either
Yeah, I’m no prize

by Tom Meltzer ©The Princeton Review

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