Monday, March 24, 2008

I Cry Each Day

I cry each day
In a different way

On Monday I howl endlessly
All day I'm loudly bawling
I'm caterwauling

On Tuesday I cry and complain
My behavior's most uncivil
That's when I snivel

On Wednesday I cry like an infant
Who hurt himself by falling
That's when I'm squalling

On Thursday like a tired child
I'm whimpering and drooling
That's when I'm mewling

On Friday I wake up and scream
Then spend the whole day howling
That's when I'm yowling

On Saturday I wail in grief
As though life's lost all meaning
That's when I'm keening

On Sunday I don't cry at all
I have myself a fun day
And wait for Monday!

by Tom Meltzer ©The Princeton Review
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