Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We're going to have a party, it's going to be great
Each guest has got a different personality trait

Alex isn't friendly, Alex is aloof
Instead of mixing in, he'll sit alone on the roof

Vera is quite talkative, Vera is verbose
She's going to talk your ear off if you get too close

Greg's a party animal, Greg is gregarious
His stories are engrossing and his jokes are hilarious

Melanie is very sad, she is melancholy
She is quite unlike Jolene, who really is quite jolly

Sid is such a brownnose, Sid is sycophantic
His need to flatter everyone truly is gigantic

Ann just loves to argue, she's quite antagonistic
No matter what you say to her, she's bound to go ballistic

Hope that you can make it to the party!

by Tom Meltzer ©The Princeton Review


Xuan Quynh said...


Would you please post the lyric of "Festival of lights" which was posted on Mar 03, 2008?

I tried to hear it, but the first part of Festival of lights is too difficult for me to hear.

This is text for song's ending.

olive oil to fill the eternal flame. There's only oil for 1 day (?), and 8 days were required. If the oil couldn't last these day, the flame would have expired.
Menorah keeps the oil burned, for 8 days and 8 nights. And that's why Hanukkah is called the Fetival of Lights

Tom Meltzer said...

You can find the lyric to this song here:

You can download the song at

or by going to The Princeton Review Vocabulary Minute page at iTunes.